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Again dear reader by listener your great server Pedro Alirio Peña Berroteran Religious Afro-tolerance means respecting and accepting the existence of other forms of life, ancestral beliefs, ideas, or even non-belief in any religion. Religious afro-intolerance may consist of considering certain beliefs among their ancestral knowledge as anomalous, out of place or heretical for the simple fact of being different. For the Afro-religious tolerance of Afro-Venezuelan healers to occur, it is necessary for individuals and institutions to recognize the Afro-religious Afro-plurality and diversity of the world in which we live, as well as the existence of concepts that are important to others even though they belong to a minority from different countries. mother earth africa The dogmas of a spiritual dimension of the ancestral knowledge in the 21st century in particular must be interpreted as for use within the community that professes them and without involving third parties in the outside world who do not wish to participate in them. One of the main defenders of religious tolerance was our ancestors, those grandparents of our Afro-Venezuelan people of African descent, a symbol of peaceful coexistence between different religious cultures. Interreligious dialogue in conjunction with Afro-Venezuelan Afro-spirituality is the positive, cooperative and constructive interaction between people of different religious or spiritual traditions or beliefs, both individually and institutionally. It differs from Afro-Catholic syncretism in that the interreligious dialogue of Afro-Venezuelan healers does not seek a fusion or assimilation of different doctrines without substantial coherence, but rather the promotion of understanding between the different Afro-descendant and Afro-spiritual religions to increase the acceptance of others. Unlike other practices that promote unity among Christians, the interreligious dialogue of Afro-spirituality of Afro-Venezuelan healers seeks constructive reciprocal treatment between religions or spiritual movements. There are local, regional, national, and international Afro-Venezuelan interreligious initiatives, either informally or formally https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiQ68PtDiH0/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

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