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With a special greeting and a great blessings? To all your longing and stability, gifts, faculty and personality, wishing you the best? Comprehension and understanding? On this page that is made up of everyone? Who has already had the experience and not? Experience? To obtain an interview? spiritual to know how to confirm solutions and learn about the exploration culture of this page will be for the followers a compass laboratory of experience, experience, history and memory, give us cause, reason and why you will also find coverage of the godson who asks the godfather about the subject of knowledge of laboratory religion the spirituality of the witchcraft of the harm the sick offering them and the reason why there is good and evil that is to say for one the world began and in the world as there is good there is bad as I consult myself I want to clean myself I want a elegua develop a matter heal me make me a saint scratch me have preda among so many things as if san juan has it san juan gives it to you There is envy, the evil eye, the arrow between brothers, one thing the drunk thinks another, the winery owner has a dead man, he arrested you, a spirit envies you, a consultation is a relationship and direct contact with good and bad lives with him with all the things that it happens and it can happen with the tiredness the ailment the nostarcia allergy love rage fear this page brother sister I place myself like a book open with spiritual I hope you like a question a comment will be wonderful to nourish this page with a dialogue of knowledge wisdom spiritual today, tomorrow and always. See you in the next one an author Pedro Alirio Peña Berroteran https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiOTXbuJ6pk/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

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